We help you to evaluate and execute your talent acquisition process to attract your greatest asset....
your people.

Our proprietary assessments provide insights to your current recruitment process.

EvolveTA, MXA Talent Solutions’ proprietary benchmarking platform, has been developed to help you assess the maturity of your talent attraction and/or your DE&I talent selection strategies. Both the Recruitment Maturity Index™ (RMI™) and the Diversity Maturity Index™ (DMI™) will give you insights into how your organization measures up against today’s best-in-class strategies. This will allow you to focus on where the gaps are and drive a more effective, results oriented, and talent selection process. Click below to get started!


and measure the talent acquisition efforts for your organization


your organization talent acquisition process on the MXA Recruitment Maturity Index™


an analysis into the readiness of your organization for the future of hiring


current tools and processes to ensure your organization has the capability to identify, assess, and vet talent


an in-depth evaluation of the organization recruiting, pre-boarding process, and technology integrations


talent attraction strategies and processes that deliver the best talent with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion

Benchmark Assessments

Our proprietary and trademarked assessments come with not only the result, but counsel from our teams on ways to improve your overall recruitment process and DE&I strategies. *

* Assessments do have a financial requirement for each